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Majacraft Rose Spinning Wheel

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The Rose is a classic wheel for every spinner. With its spoked wheel and engraved rose motif, it is elegant with a traditional feel. It is super-easy to use and yet still has the ability to carry out any spinning technique you can imagine.

The handle and head position are adjustable so you can achieve the most comfortable spinning position which suits both left and right handed spinners. The Rose uses the dependable scotch tension for smooth and easy spinning.

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Wheel Ratios                       Rose Whorl   4.3:1      6.1:1    8.7:1      13.5:1    19.0:1  

                                             Suzie Whorl   6.0:1      9.5:1    13.7:1    18.0:1    21.9:1

Weight                                 6.5 kg approx.

Bobbins                               4 x standard majacraft plastic bobbins

Flyer                                    1 x Standard Delta flyer,      1 x  Fine Delta flyer,


Included                             a 3-bobbin lazy kate, with a convenient carry handle, whorl holding pin and a 

                                          magnet to store the whorl allen key.


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