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Majacraft Pioneer X Creative


The Pioneer X has been designed to be the wheel that enters you into the world of Majacraft. Yet we have been careful not to compromise the quality and functionality that wheels are renowned for. As with all Majacraft wheels, most accessories will fit on the Pioneer. You can add specialist spinning equipment if you wish to pursue different styles of spinning. It has a wide range of ratios, a round orifice fine flyer and easy to use Scotch Tension system.

Pioneer X Creative has the timber in a sanded, not sprayed state. This is designed to provide the opportunity for spinners to unleash their creativity and decorate the Pioneer X in their own unique style. If you wish to spray it, oil it, or even paint your own amazing design then the choice is now yours!

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pioneer x creative 1.jpg
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Additional Info

Wheel Ratios                        4.5:1 7.1:1 10.0:1 12.8:1 14.5:1

Construction Timber            Constructed with solid pine and MDF drive wheel

Weight                                  5kg approx

Bobbins                                 included 3 standard plastic bobbins.

Handle folding carry handle embedded in the stem

Flyer                                      Delta flyer with adjustable sliding hook for smooth bobbin filling.


Accessories Available

  • Universal lazy kate

  • lace flyer, plying flyer, wild flyer for artyarn

  • wheel skeiner.


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