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Majacraft Whorls

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The whorls will fit on any Majacraft wheels, so you can use the variety offered tofine the exact ratio you require.

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Suzie/Suzie Pro Whorl

This is available in with lacquered or Majacraft Green finish.  With a Suzie wheel it will offer ratios from 2.0-15.0:1.  On a Rose wheel this will produce ratios of 5.9-10.5:1  This whorl is generally used on the Suzie and Rose only.


Little Gen Whorl

Finished in clear lacquer and produces ratios of 4.5-2.7:1  This whorl is used on The Little Gem only.

Rose / Slow Whorl

The large Rose whorl produces ratios of 4.2-15.6:1 with a Rose wheel. 

Fast Whorl

A specialist whorl particularly suited to spinning ultra-fine yarns like lace or silk.  This whorl is regularly used on all of the Majacraft wheels.