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Standard Delta Flyer

this is unique to Majacraft and is exceedingly easy to use while being a great general purpose flyer.  The open cup hooks and delta make threading the yarn simple.


Fine Delta Flyer

this fine fibre flyer has a stainless steel orifice and is suited to spinning finer yarns.  Because the round orifice holds the yarn in a centralised position, it is best for long draw style spinning.


Lace Flyer

This is specially designed for spinners of fine yarns.   It has a short flyer bar and hence has less inertia when spinning fine yarns at high speeds.  It also has the low friction ceramic inserts in the orifice and flyer hook.


Plying Flyer

This has a long flyer bar to accommodate the Majacraft Jumbo plying bobbins.  Two standard plastic bobbins will fit onto 1 wooden jumbo bobbin.


Wild Flyer

Has been designed to spin wild yarns and has a large 23mm ceramic orifice to allow the bulky yarns to flow with ease.