'Inspirational Spinning Boxes'

Created by The Wheel Ewe, Each box is a unique themed creation, full of Inspiration and surprises.

Each box contains

  • over 300g of stunning unique fibres for spinning 
  • a variety of types of fibres, including exotic fibres
  • inclusions for your spinning ...  perhaps beads or flowers or sparkles 
  • a spinning tutorial card to go with the fibres

All unique to The Wheel Ewe.

Boxes can be purchases separately or to save money, sign up for a 3 box subscription.  There will be 8 boxes per year,  (approximately every 6 weeks).

Below is the first box to give you an example of what they contain.  All other boxes will be displayed as the theme but not show the contents ......... so opening the box will be a surprise!

There will only be a limited number of boxes available each time, coming out every 6 weeks.

Delivery for the boxes:

  • UK free
  • EU £4.00
  • Rest of World £7.50



Inspiration Spinning Box       No.1       " Summer Rose Garden "

Photo 07-06-2017, 14 42 11.jpg
Photo 07-06-2017, 14 42 42.jpg
Photo 07-06-2017, 14 43 34 (1).jpg


  • 100g Merino & Rose Bush Fibre blend
  • Wensleydale dyed locks (approx 20)
  • 150g Bluefaced Leicester & Rose Bush hand dyed fibre in 3 matching colours
  • Green Rose Bush Fibre, approx 30g.
  • Handful of satin Roses with a needle for threading
  • Full instruction card for Bubble Crepe Yarn, to be made from some of the contents



Click on the picture below for more information and to purchase.

The displayed box, 'The Summer Rose Garden' is now out of stock.  

The next Inspirational Spinning Box :- 

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1 February 2018                  Spring - The Queen of Seasons    

25 March 2018                    Easter Box

1 May 2018