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Hello fellow ‘woolly lovers’. Things have been rather busy, and frozen, here in Scotland.

I have finished booking a place for the Retreat next year and organised the tutors. We have Janet Day coming over from Australia again, Dj Stefek is returning for the 3rd time…yay.., along with Jane Dean and Glynis & Owen from Majacraft. There will also be a few new faces, I will save that for another time. The layout is also going to change a bit too. So exciting things to look forward to.

So mark down the 13-15th October 2019 in your diary……we will be at Haydock. I will be putting out the booking forms in January.

The other thing I have been doing, is researching on measuring your hand spun yarn, and I came across this Knitting Calculator that may be of interest to you.

Knitting Calculator at Jimmy Beans Wool

There are some new colourways and fibres for sale on the website too. Free Fibre Bag with every order.

Happy spinning Everyone

Ruth x