BritSpin - Team Wheel Ewe

The first ever British Wool Spinning Marathon is a challenge event linked to UK Wool Week, taking place in October 2018.   How exciting....

The Wheel Ewe are putting together a team of 10 people to take part.   Lesley Brisco, who attended last years Retreat in Edinburgh, is our Team Captain.  Why not be one of the 10 and join us for 4 fun days of spinning.

BritSpin is a 4 day event and will start at 12.01am on Thursday 11 October and finish at Midnight on Sunday 14 October BST.   It is in conjunction with Ravely and the winning team spins the most yarn.

Each member of the team will receive a 'goodies box' of fibres of over 300 grams  and there will be spot prizes as well.

2016-08-22 13.29.52.jpg