Crochet Baskets

I have been snowed in this week, so I have been doing some tiding up of my studio as well as lots of spinning!!     I really wanted some baskets in my studio, so decided to make them myself.   I found a really good tutorial through Ravelry ( the link is below - she does say to use cotton, but wool is perfect also),    

I  spun a thick single, using 4 colours of green from the latest Inspirational Spinning Box,  and chain plyed it for a nice chunky yarn.   The Fibre was Merino for two of the colours and Corriedale for the other 2 colours.  And crochet into the basket, using a No.8 hook, and added the handles also.   I was very surprised how easy it was to do and how it stands up so well.  I shall definitely be making some more.