Yarntelier at Chatsworth House

I was lucky enough to attend Louisa Harding's knitting design course over two days in April.   The whole weekend was just amazing.   We started off with a private tour of Chatsworth House to give us inspiration for designing our own knitting pattern.  After an amazing lunch at Chatsworth, we then went into our work room, where our work definitely began!   

I have used Louisa Harding's  knitting patterns for years, I find they work very well with handspun yarns.  So to meet her and get to know her a bit, was wonderful.  A lovely lady and such a lovely group of people who attended also.   If Louisa does this again, I would totally recommend it.


Spinners.... take a close look at the last image.   It is of a 1600 extremely large painting on the ceiling of one of the amazing rooms.

For more information about Louisa and Yarntelier, click on this link.