Jane Deane - Tutor at the Majacraft Retreat 2017 & 2018

Jane was an amazing teacher at last years retreat that, we needed her back again.   She has a lovely gentle way of taking us out of our comfort zone ...without as knowing !!

You may recognise her from a recent episode of Countryfile on BBC 1.

This year, she will be doing a class on Silk.   From her experience of raising silk worms, she will take us all the way through the silk process.   I am so looking forward to this class.

Below is an example of the work from Jane's class that we did at last years Retreat in Edinburgh.   It is Julie Hancock's work.  It was amazing how all 50 people who attended came up with different creations from the same inspiration. 


 For more information about Jane click here and here

There are still places available at this years Majacraft Retreat in Exeter in October.   I advise to book soon to secure you place.