Archangel, Hand spun by Beverley Usher

Hello, Ruth here, from The Wheel Ewe.  I have wanted for ages to start a blog.....if you haven't done anything like this before, it is a little scary...take my word for it!   But when I received this email from one of my customers, Beverley Usher, I knew I just had to breath deep and begin.

this is what Beverley sent me.....

"When I bought my Little Gem, you included some lovely fibre. I just finished a project with one of the rovings. It uses citrine and mauve. It took some time before I saw the perfect project for it. It is now finished and really lovely, and I think the crochet pattern really shows off the colours. I though you might find a couple of pictures interesting...

The pattern is called Archangel; it doesn't have beads, I just added them to the picots. It's by Katya Novikova and the Ravelry link is  "


Archangel finished (1).jpg
Archangel finished (3).jpg

"I placed the beads in the crocheting as I went along, just slipping a bead over a loop where I wanted them. I use super floss, but super fine crochet hooks work fine too. "