Summer Heat !!

Gosh, hasn't it been hot here and for more than a few days in a row....believe me this is very unusual for Scotland.  Quite a few days its been over 30 degrees with very little breeze.

Because the sun has been out, I have been washing Wallaby Fibre and letting it dry in the sun.  I then have been making poonies with it on the blending board  mixing it with fine Haunui Half Breed fibre from New Zealand.  I import the Wallaby from an ethically run farm in Australia.  


How to wash Wallaby:-

Fill a bucket very full with hot water.  Once full, add 5 squats of a lavender hand wash and gently mix into the water.   Add a handful of the wallaby fur and gently push down.   Leave for about 10 minutes to soak up the water, then give it a gentle stir and leave to rest for a hour.  I then drained it out through a sieve.   I spread it out on the decking and let the sun do the rest.

The blending board is from Majacraft and the blending brush is from Golden Fleece  - perfect conbination. 

A couple of pictures of my pets.  Beautiful Belted Galloway Cows and a view on the farm.

I would love to post some of your photos on my blog of your creations, especially if using something that you have purchased from me.   Send me an email if you are interested.