Inspirational Spinning Box - Winter Sky's - Spun By Angela Massie

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I love the way Angela has spun up and incorporated  the colours from the Winter Sky's Box and Chain Plyed them in order to keep the colours together, resulting in a lovely yarn.   Well done Angela, as this was her first time at Chain Ply.

The shades of grey fibre is Icelandic wool.   It is a bit hairy and has an amazing lustre and 'silky/slippery' to spin, and I found it a pleasure to spin.  I crochet up some, and the stitch defination was very prominent.

Rachel Richardson @raerichar #WeMakeYarn

Rachel Richardson from Instagram @raerichar , a fibre enthusiast, spinning and knitting in South West Scotland.   She took up the challenge from and do a prompt-a-day photo challenge on Instagram. 

Rachel has kindly let us share it.   It makes great reading.

Silk Cocoon Yarn - 'My Flower Garden'

I was asked yesterday what to do with the silk cocoons that I put in one of the Inspirational Spinning Boxes.   So below you will find some photos of a yarn I made a year or more ago.  Not the best spinning, but it will give you some idea's on what to do with your silk cocoons.

Best to thread the cocoons with some long staple fibre.   Spin these into your singles, by opening out the fibre before the twist goes into it and add the threaded fibre.  I plied this with a silk green thread, to give a bit of a spiral effect.

I would love to post some photos of what you come up with....

Jean Mabon - Creative Weaving

Dear Ruth,
Thank you very much for the Winter Sky box that arrived this morning.  As always it is inspirational. I have enclosed two photos of cushions that I have woven.  It was a honeycomb weave and I used some of my  handspun from the first box to outline the woven cells.  I made the cushions using an origama idea the Janet Philips had in one of the Guild Journals.  It's a brilliant idea for narrow widths.The inspiration for the  ball of handspun that you can see in the second picture was a further exploration of designing yarn from the Mackintosh Card I had at the retreat.  I am just finding the boxes and the Retreat have given me such inspiration so thank you Ruth from the bottom of my heart.
I am enjoying the blogs and I am going to make the necklace.
May I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happiness in the New Year.  Keep your ideas coming.
All my love,
Jean x

Majacraft Wave Weaving Shuttles

I now have these amazing shuttles in stock.   They are 500mm long and is laser cut from 6mm bamboo plywood that is both light and very strong. The "throat" of the shuttle is large so plenty of yarn can be wound on to the shuttle.


Endless possibilities... 

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The Wheel Ewe & Majacraft Retreat, Edinburgh 2017

We had such an amazing time!    The tutors were fantastic and everyone who came along were so lovely and very talented and eager to learn more.   We had 40 people taking part plus 8 teachers altogether.  The Edinburgh Capital Hotel was the perfect setting.

One of my favourite parts, was the first session;  Sunday afternoon when we all had to create a yarn from a picture we were given.  The creativity that came out was overwhelming, and all so different.  There were only 2 different pictures and boxes of fibre to choose from as well.  Jane Deane took this class and it really got everyone talking and creating in a way a lot of us hadn't done before.  Well done Jane, and thank you.

Sarah Howard and Elizabeth Kendrick had an amazing array of clothing that they had made from the Rigid Heddle Loom.  I particular liked the different woven earrings that Sarah wore each day.   The whole room where all their items were displayed, was truly inspiring.

Dj Stefek, what an inspiration with her amazing fine spinning and all she taught during the Turkish Spindle lesson and throughout the retreat.  I, in particular liked the advice she gave me,.  and her talks about Shetland.

Glynis & Owen.   Thank you so much for coming over from New Zealand to spend time with us.  We learnt so much.  Thank you.    It wasfunny,  to see everyone trying out the stylus and realising that they loved it!!  It makes you realise how much there still is to learn.

The silk classes taken by Janet Renouf-Miller were very good.  It gave people a taster of each the different types for forms of silk.

Thank you to all who came, I am so pleased you enjoyed yourselves.  Keep in touch, I love photos of your creations.

See you another time,        Ruth

Archangel, Hand spun by Beverley Usher

Hello, Ruth here, from The Wheel Ewe.  I have wanted for ages to start a blog.....if you haven't done anything like this before, it is a little scary...take my word for it!   But when I received this email from one of my customers, Beverley Usher, I knew I just had to breath deep and begin.

this is what Beverley sent me.....

"When I bought my Little Gem, you included some lovely fibre. I just finished a project with one of the rovings. It uses citrine and mauve. It took some time before I saw the perfect project for it. It is now finished and really lovely, and I think the crochet pattern really shows off the colours. I though you might find a couple of pictures interesting...

The pattern is called Archangel; it doesn't have beads, I just added them to the picots. It's by Katya Novikova and the Ravelry link is  "


Archangel finished (1).jpg
Archangel finished (3).jpg

"I placed the beads in the crocheting as I went along, just slipping a bead over a loop where I wanted them. I use super floss, but super fine crochet hooks work fine too. "