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Weaving Looms

Dynamic Heddle Loom


The Majacraft Dynamic Heddle loom enables innovative new weaving. Instead of a fixed set of reeds, there are 9 reed segments all 6 dent, but if you wish to change, that is no problems. 

Rare earth magnets to secure the heddle in place, making the weaving movement fast and easy.

The Dynamic Heddle loom folds in half so is portable.

These looms are ex demo.

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loom_extract (2).jpg

Additional Info


  •  24" Dynamic Heddle Loom
  • A set of 9 reed segments   3 x 2dpi,         3 x 4dpi,           3 x 6dpi
  • Shuttle
  • Combo Hook – flat on one side, long on other
  • Direct warping block and clamp
  • 4 pegs for table mounting
  • Warp cords
  • 3 different sized stick shuttles


Accessories Available - see WEAVING ACCESSORIES page

  • Dynamic Heddle Loom Stand
  • Reed Segments ranging from 1 Dent to 10 Dend
  • Additional heddle weaving mount and heddle
  • Weaving stick shuttles

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